QOH lessons focus on abilities - not disabilities

Students are usually referred to the Center by physicians, therapists, teachers, family members and friends. Our students are challenged by various disabling conditions including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, paraplegia, sight and hearing deficit, developmental and learning disabilities. Their ages range from preschool through the senior adult years. To accommodate the vast array of participant needs, an individual lesson plan is constructed for each student by the student’s therapist and/or the Center’s head instructor. Therefore, all participants are able to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Our Mission

Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.'s mission is to improve the bodies, minds, spirits, and quality of life of persons with physical and/or developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses through equine-assisted activities and therapies.

Our Vision

Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.'s vision is to be an inspiration and educational resource to the equine therapy profession and advocate for the healing and humane relationship between horses and humans. We also envision that no client will be turned away due to lack of funds.

• Listen - every client and staff member (volunteer or paid) has a voice
• Focus on staff and client abilities and develop and enhance unknown abilities
• Positively educate the community and support equine-assisted activities and therapies for mentally, emotionally, and physically disabled children and adults
• Uphold the highest professional standards for equine safety and the humane relationship between horses and humans; and encourage self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and life skills for both volunteers and clients.

Our Motto

The symbol of Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. is a horse head in the center of a heart and its motto is “The Riding Spirit Comes from the Heart” because it takes a heart of courage, determination, and chutzpah for anyone, let alone a person with special needs, to learn to ride a horse or even be around a horse. This spirit is also displayed by the Center’s loyal supporters as they keep the Center’s spirit alive.

Meet The Horse Staff

  QOH horses are loaned and donated by our generous supporters within the program.


Queen of Hearts Therapeutic Riding Center began formally providing therapeutic riding lessons to children and adults in the Inland Empire


Obtained 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in 2001 as a public charity. 



The therapy program was moved from the City of Riverside to Mira Loma (now known as Jurupa Valley)



 Became a full-time equestrian center for people with disabilities


  • proven to improve self-confidence, physical fitness, cognitive thinking, balance, and self esteem.


  •  As the walking gait of the horse duplicates the three-dimensional movement of the human gait at the walk, riders who have difficulty walking or who are unable to walk without assistance, are gently moved as if they are walking. Sitting astride a walking horse for 30 – 45 minutes can improve balance, and the effort taken to stabilize on a mobile platform improves core and trunk strength, which also improves balance.



Queen of Hearts proudly announced its Equine Services for Heroes program – which is specifically designed to work with the needs of wounded veterans and first responders.

Learn More about Services For Veterans & First Responders



 Queen of Hearts expanded to include unmounted equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning by partnering with mental health professionals and equine specialists certified in the EAGALA method of therapy. 


Thank You To All Supporters!