♛ Our Equine Therapists ♛

QOH Horses are loaned and donated by our generous supporters of the program.

♛ Candy ♛

Hey, there! My name is, like, Candy. I was foaled on April 30, 2002.

I’m a naturally Palomino Quarter Horse. OMG! I am like SOOO excited to be here! I’m totally from around here and I’m like way too cool for shoes. I like – make that LOVE – having my nose touched and back scratched. You know I’m so like – you know – so cool about it. Feel free to take my picture – just make sure you get my good side. But who am I kidding? I have no bad side! I was registered as Boot Shine.

♛ Holly ♛

Well, hello there.  My Name is Holly Wolly. I am a rescue horse so the date I was foaled is a mystery. I was saved, adopted, and cared for by Terri Rollings here in Jurupa Valley who believes I was foaled in about 1990 which makes me a millennial.

Terri showed me how to teach little humans how to care for and ride me and I moved to Queen of Hearts TRC in July 2013.  If you are a little scared, don’t worry, I’ve been there and understand.

♛ Lucy ♛

♛ I am Princess Lucy. I was donated to Queen of Hearts TRC on February 1, 2014 by Georgette & Peter Kuechler. I am a miniature horse and I was foaled on Jun 1, 1990. I came to Queen of Hearts with Prince Caspian.

I supervise the activities around here often from my castle which I allow the humans to use as a tack shed. I am part of the EAP/L program and because of my special ambulatory needs, I understand what it’s like to walk different and look different than others around me and what makes me unique makes me the perfect ambassador to help others understand people who are unique.

♛ Caspian ♛

♛ Yo!  Prince Caspian’s the name, having fun is my game! (Yes, I have a crown but keep misplacing it).

I celebrate my foal date as February 1, 2007.

I’m a miniature pinto with a tobiano pattern. But I am super cool because my coat has 3 colors so I am also tricolored or calico. SAWEEET!! I may be small but I have a HUGE personality.

I was donated by Georgette & Peter Kuechler and my exact foal date is not known. Therefore, Queen of Hearts gave me the day it adopted me with the approximate year known by the Kuechler’s.

♛ Shamrock ♛

Dia duit (Jee-ah ghwitch).  I’m Shamrock.  I’m a Gypsy Vanner, also known as an Irish Cobb.  My family is from Ireland but I was born in Tennessee on June 1st, 2013 and donated to Queen of Hearts from LexLin Gypsy Ranch.

I LOOOOOVE, LOOOOVE, LOOOOVE people and I will cuddle with you and be your best friend if you let me.

♛ Maggie Mae ♛

♛ My name is Maggie Mae, I am a Missouri Fox Trotter and was donated by a Jurupa Valley local, Vicki Voss.

Vicki and I loved to go on long trail rides, but my arthritis is taking it’s toll on me so now I have a new job here at Queen of Hearts.  I have a smooth gait so I get to help folks who can really benefit from a smooth ride.

♛ Haus ♛

♛ Hi there, my name is Haus! I am the newest equine therapist here at Queen of Hearts and am about 13-15 years old. That makes my foal date somewhere around 2007-2009.

I’m very friendly and will say hi if you come by. Holly Wolly and I are the absolute best of friends. If you ever get the chance to see me in the arena, I’m probably with her and investigating.